Halo Mark 6 Custom build PIC intensive


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On a funny note though. The day after we fiberglassed i was talking to my coworker and mentioned how strong the resin and fiberglass was. He didnt believe me so we took the helmet outside and shot the visor with a 22 rifle. The visor had been fiberglassed and resined even though we were gonna cut it out because the original plan was to do a small run of them but because we shot it..... well long story short the slug imbedded into the visor part but never got through. He wants now to make the helmet into a snowboarding helmet with padding etc after seeing how much of a hit it could take.


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Very nice build.

Yeah, if a 22 shell merely imbedded itself, yeah, I'd want to turn it into a snowboarding/skiing helmet too. It'll turn heads and get people talking to you too. :lol

Or, you could stick camo on it and go huntin'...
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