Halo MA5B Assault Rifle Prop

matt bond

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This is the first of several Halo: Combat evolved items i am working on, including the MA5B rifle, M6D pistol and the UNSC marine armour.
This replica will eventually be a working airsoft rifle (using the internals from an electric Marui Glock 18c AEP) but at present it still needs a lot of work.

I have to do the following to it:

Add the internals (gearbox, inner barrel, mag and battery)
Add the front ribbed foregrip
Add the trigger switch for the gearbox/flashlight
Build a fake mag housing
Cut the vent holes on either side


It has a working flashlight up front and a spring loaded cocking handle, that can move. The main body is 3MM black ABS sheet plastic in several layers cut and sanded to form, over an MDF and metal framework, while the top upper bulge section is MDF skinned with epoxy resin.

As i say there's still alot to do but i thought you lot mightlike to see it. This is the first scratch built prop I have posted here so enjoy... (not the first i've built by a long way though :D )
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