HALO: Firestorm Short Film


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Aloha from Hawaii, were currently working on an independent short, called HALO :FIRESTORM
This was put together with the JHM Production team and Halo costumers from Honolulu,Hawaii.
The short is film is a test to get more people involved and interested in the project. Shot entirely on Hawaii last winter, Were finishing up production on this to enter into this years film festival circuit.






Thank you to Kim and Zarli for capturing the moments!
We are currently in post and hope to be done sometime after summer,
For more behind the scenes of this, here is the photographers Kimberly M gallery.

Kimberly Mazyck Studio: Keoni Maemori Project: Halo ODST

Also featured on HALO waypoint!
405th's Halo Replicas

Please feel free to check out some of the work done so far, 2 teasers up on our Facebook production page at,



if you dont have a a facebook here is our youtube links



mahalo nui loa,
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