halo costume


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So on saturday i went to look at a halo costume i saw off of craigslist . So i noticed the costume came like in 17 or so different parts it had riviots and velcro and the helmet had lights but it seem very cheaply made the kid who ws selling it didnt know what website . he got it from i'm thinking it could be a rubbies can custom costumes like this be like 6 pieces you put on not 17 like attation more pieces then having to put on every piece one by one let me know thanks


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put it this way my storm trooper costume only in 10 pieces this guy had his in like 16 or 17 pieces nothing was attaced like my storm trooper costumes the canster is attached to the front as well as the cod piece hope that makes sense


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You should do some reading up on the 405th cause they all come or are built that way. They have pep files for free and you can try your hand at it.


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do research on what you want. Then if you cant find a kit or parts that best fit your needs i suggest you start sculpting and casting exactly what you want.. with that being said most of the people on these forums are very helpful if you need any advise. if you cant find it in a search through on the forums dont hesitate to ask..

hope that helps..
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