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    Well I'm new here, but have been making props for about 10 years or so. My most recent project was a scratch-built Halo 1 Master Chief.

    Here is a few renders of the in game model:
    It is not the most accurate image of the one in the game, but it had most of the detail I was trying to achieve. Also, the color is a little off. Here is a screenshot from the game:


    nylon straps
    Auto paint
    Urethane rubber
    Old Pair of Nike basketball shoes.

    I wanted to make a high definition version of the original low definition Master Chief. I wanted to get creative with how it would look if it had all the crisp details of a modern set of armor. I wanted it to have the exact look of the old version, but be a real world version. As far as I am aware it is 100% symmetrical, and insanely close to accurate. There were only a few tweaks I had to make, so that it would fit me, such as the shoulders (Master Chief has unrealistically wide shoulders), and back of the helmet (I could have made it more accurate, but would have had to go larger, and didn't want to be a bobble head). I was also going for the perfect fresh from the factory finish.

    I built the entire upper half from just reference images, as I was unaware of the prop community at that time. It was a complete scratch build. Once I discovered Pepakura I used it only for sizing and reference, and as a rough skeleton for the thighs.

    I used a laser to cut most of the plastic pieces out and glued them together, then reinforced with fiberglass, and smoothed it over with Bondo. I then sanded and sculpted the Bondo to get all of the fine details I wanted. Then I used a custom mixed color of auto paint to get an amazingly smooth finish.

    The soles are made out of silicone caulking, and are incredibly durable. The top part of the boots are molded from urethane rubber, and thus flex when I walk.

    The undersuit was sewed by me out of Pleather, and has quilted lines to make it look like it has that realistic space suit look. I also used the same material to make a very detailed neck seal, and the pouches in the front, which open and are held closed with magnets.

    The helmet has working LED's and a fan.

    Overall it weighs 90 pounds, is 6ft 6, and I have over 1000 hours in this suit. :eek

    Now for the images.



    Thanks for looking.

    I forgot to mention that I left off the detail on the sides of the soles on the boots, because I didn't like it that much. I did however make the bottom of the sole, match the game model exactly.

    I look forward to building, and learning from this community.

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