Halo: A New Sun Sets (The Movie)


Hello all my fellow 405th members. So for some time we have all wanted an awesome live action Halo movie. We got the Trailers along with Nightfall and Forward unto Dawn. The Trailers were not enough and Nightfall was a bit displeasing and it was about agent Locke. Forward unto Dawn was good but was mainly about Lasky and his time in the academy. I am posting this to discuss a possibility of my Production making a Halo Movie in the future. Now this is no ordinary Fan film. My crew and I work with high grade budgets and professional equipment and gear. Thanks to several members, they have been helping me to study Lore and I have finally came up with a main story. I also have several questions for you guys too. So the story begins off with the start of the Spartan ll Program. 75 children are taken for the program and begin the process. Trainers/Teachers such as Deja and Petty Officer Mendez, along with other AI's will make an appearance. If you know the story of Spartan ll"s then its pretty obvious of what's going to happen through training. And this will not be 100% accurate, but very similar. So incase you don't know, there is a large amount of Spartans that group up every now and then, and they form Red Team.

Beta-Red Actual

Now these Spartans weren't always together. They later split up into 4 separate teams. But in this story its going to be about Halsey wanting to form a large amount of Spartans together to form a team which will be these guys. So in the story, after fighting a bit of insurrectionists, the first invasion of the covenant begins. Cities attacked, ruin and power is inflicted on the human race. Red team and other Spartans are quickly called in to fight off the unknown enemy. This is the first time Citizens have seen these super soldiers. Rumor and Propaganda begins. The lie of Spartans begins on the Media and people believe they were made to fight the covenant. Of course throughout the Films they will discover the identity and purpose about the covenant And continue to fight them. And by now you're probably thinking of Master Chief right? All though he is not apart of Red team, Master Chief has connections with Several of the member so Master Chief might make an appearance. This is all I will share for now. Now I have questions to ask.

1. What are your guys opinions on the story so far?

2. Which covenant Designs would you like to see? (Races, Vehicles, Weapons, etc. Which designs do you like?)

3. Prop Makers? (So of course we need props. But who makes them? I am aware of several members of the 405th who makes props, with electronics included. But it depends with which armour we go with. They gotta match bro. But they also need to be sturdy to be flung around)

4. Have suggestions? (This Film is for the soul purpose of entertainment for all the Halo fans out there. So we would like to include stuff that you guys like. A vehicle or planet. Have an idea? Then pitch it)

So thank you guys for your time with reading this and we hope you like it. Feel free to ask any questions. Thanks!

The Terminator

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Story sounds pretty good :)

Having played all the games, read books I only have two suggestions really:

1: Use actual Halo designs, as in the original trilogy
2: The more John-117, the better ;) should also try and contact Steve Downes :p
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