Halo "7" symbol.


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OK, I found the member I was looking for (well, he actually found me).

But I'm trying to find that "7" symbol mentioned in the thread title (I'm looking for it for someone else thinking I knew where it was or what it was called), you know the one right? Or am I going crazy? I haven't played the game in 'bout 18 months, so I think my memory is going...

Thanks, guys.

... that built it? I'm not talking 'bout the run that was done; just the member here who made his own that had the stamping on the side (like the art work) and the really cool Halo logo base...

Could this member here please PM me. :)

I was just checking out the thread at the end of last week and bookmarked it, but I just found it just dropped off the boards. :(

Thanks in advance.


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OK, I just went over to HBO and found what I'm looking for...

Southpaw noticed a strange symbol on the top of the pistol - it's quite faint, but it's always been there. He was unable to decipher it, though, so he posted a note to our forum. Less than a day later, SketchFactor returned with word from Robert McLees, the creator of the symbol:

"so I was tryin' to figure out an 'obvious, but normally overlooked' area on the pistol where I had the res' to hide something - a se7en seemed the only real choice. but I didn't just wanna stick a #7 up on there... so I figured "hey, I'll stick a foreign '7' on there and it will take people longer to figure out what it is". but the only foreigner that we have here that uses a #7 that is different from the one that we're all familiar with is Shiek -- so it is the CHINESE '7' (that the Japanese adopted so many years ago). The ironic thing is that it looks like a hashed #7 rotated 180 degrees... oh well - the best laid plans, eh?"


This is on the top-rear of the MD6, right?