Halo 4

I was wondering that. You'd think microsoft would keep a tight reign over this as it's their cash cow. I'm going to get it used as i'm not a massive halo fan.
It sounds like the same voice actors to me. Besides this the 405th has a pretty good discussion going about the game and armor change. Maybe while the Chief was in Cryosleep there was nanobots improving the armor.
That's kind of what I thought maybe cortana was able to upgrade his armor. I'm pretty sure nobody would make a mistake so blatant as to suddenly change his armor. It's hard to tell about the voices as it was so bad quality. Sure sounded like the usual b*tchy Cortana to me though lol
Bungie or not, I'm excited about this. The GF is NOT.

Dump the GF ;)

btw man, thank you so much for that 1 code. Truly appreciate it......

okay.....watched trailer again...master chief sounds the same, but cortana not soo much......maybe while cortana was working on master chief's armor, she had time to change her voice
the armor looks cool, and i dont really know why some people are upset or confused over the armor change as its happend every game so far. if you look at the halo 1 armor compared to the halo 3 armor it looks like 2 compleatly differant characters.

on a side note, im more excited about the hd aniversry halo combat evolved as thats still my favorite halo game.
Halo 1 armor got trashed just by surviving Halo 1 and you get the new suit at the beginning of 2. They kind of make a big deal about it.

3 differs from 2 but looks pretty similar. Supposed to be the same suit, Mk VI. This is also supposed to be the same Mk VI but they changed the hell out of it. We'll see what excuse they make for it. Even Reach had the mind to go. "Hey yeah this is the Mk V b just like the Rogue in Halo 3 was the Mk VI b and since it's commercially produced it looks the way it does."

EDIT: Anniversary is my big want though.
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Now how did that old Beatles song go?

"You say goodbye I say Halo! Halo, Halo, I don´t know why you say goodbye I say Halo!" Regardless of new armour or not.
The end of Reach could be sometime as this. I can't see the trailer from here, but my students were talking about it this morning (as we were playing Reach on my projector when all the exams were finished lol). Reach gets re-settled, and that time frame for the planet to come back from being glassed would not be a short one.

Now I want to get home and watch the bloody trailer....


Anytime! Hope the code helped :)

I can't wait to hear more official word on this. I love halo! Hopefully they don't mess up the multiplayer though

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i love Halo but i agree with boozebegood, hopefully they dont wreck the multiplayer. thats what can happen when a series drags on for too long...
The fact that Bungie is not doing this has me worried.

343 studios was partly bungie... They are people that worked on the games and storyline that were told by microsoft to keep the story as halo like as possible. Thanks to them other things happened like comics and halo legends for instance. Now that bungie won't make another halo game, they asked them to make it. So it's still in the hands of the original makers actually.
I hear the anniversary edition will be sold at a reduced price. $39.00. I'll buy. It's still my all time favorite game. Also the new Halo 4 is planned as a new trilogy. That's what I heard anyway.
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