Halloween Hellboy


So for my first thread, I thought I'd show the Hellboy costume I built for this past Halloween. It was the first time I've tried something like this, but I think it came out ok...

Apologies for the quality most were taken in dim light with iphones and I hadn't thought to document the process, just took some teaser shots for my friends to guess what I was making. Lots of trial and error since I was making it up as I went.

I started by having my friend make a lifecast of my head, then modeled the face out some with super sculpey.(Note: Super sculpey won't stick to damp plaster of paris, so I coated it in aluminum foil. Then I made a plaster mold of that, and cast the latex mask. After testing several versions, I ended up mixing the red acrylic in with the latex. Also, I sculpted the horns separately and cast them.

The Right Hand of Doom was sculpted from the cheap white insulation sheeting. Cut discs to size, layered with gorilla glue, sanded down and carved with an old soldering iron, then dowsed heavily in acrylic paint. I was trying to build working fingers, but the cheapy indy mogul version broke several times before I even had the finger assembled.

Belt bucket was carved from foam as well. And I found that if sprayed the silver spray paint on a sheet and then brushed on the paint, it lost enough of the solvent to not melt the foam.

I also built the Good Samaritan, but I couldn't bring it into the party. It's still in my friends trunk so I'll post pictures when I get it back.
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