Halloween 2011- What are you planning/ working on?


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I know it's only August, but I think the lengths people go to for a costume on the RPF usually requires a lot of work and planning. So I thought I'd see what everyone is planning for or already working on.

Of course I do have an alternate motive (
The Heck you say!). Yes, I'm not entirely sure what to do. So I figured some of your projects might get my neurons firing and get my butt into gear before the end of the month.


So anyway, what are your
projects for this year?
Glad someone posted this before I did, saves me the work hehe. I have no clue what I want to be. I want to go big this year!
I would like to be Dr. Doom, but im probably gonna be a Biker Scout if I can get my WIP finished in time.
I'd love to make a Sam Flynn armor costume for my son, but I don't think I'll have the time to build from scratch.
I felt way overdressed as Pennywise at the Halloween parties held by my friends, so I won't be doing anything extensive just for that. If all the members of our MST3k group go, I'll wear my Pearl Forrester costume that I'm doing for DragonCon. Otherwise, I'll throw something together, maybe a Jedi or something from Twilight Zone or a cheesy movie.
Revamping my Ghostbuster costume. Got a proper flightsuit that actually fits me, a proper Alice frame, fixing up my $10 ghost trap, got a few new odds and ends (PKE meter!), and a pair of half decent looking elbow pads.

Still my scrubby little homebrew, highly inaccurate dollar store Proton Pack though, bless it's little positron collider. God I love that thing. It's hoses are too big, there's no accelerator spacer, the gun is made of 2x4's, pipe and a turkey baster, and it's 50% spraypainted cardboard. I could go full bore and work on a perfect replica, but this little mess of a pack just has so much heart.

(also, it's a lot easier to convince girls you didn't spend way too much money if your main set piece is obviously cobbled together out of cardboard boxes and kitchenware)
I was wondering just the other day if it was too early to post a "What are you doing for Halloween this year" thread.

I'm thinking I might tackle one of those blue stewardess outfits from the new TV series coming up, PanAm........I've always admired that "perfect little suit" from mid century. Actually, really love the style of the old WACs uniforms from the 40s, and that evolving style on into the 50s and 60s.

Well... that costume ought to take you all of five minutes. You just need to turn around your hat, take off your glasses and put on a long coat.

...but to really pull it off so that people know who you are, you need a Jay.
Jake Lonergan (Cowboys and Aliens)

Need to do a little modding to my 7-11 gauntlet, and working on sourcing the rest of the clothing. Already have my gun and holster, and hat
I was thinking of going as Larry Young....but I'm not sure if I can pin down all of the epic details of the awesomeness that exists

So maybe a GB. I've wanted to do one for years. The GF wants to go to a few parties and she mentioned being a Playboy bunny and I could be a young Hugh Hefner with a smoking jacket on....so I'm not sure yet....
Well... that costume ought to take you all of five minutes. You just need to turn around your hat, take off your glasses and put on a long coat.

...but to really pull it off so that people know who you are, you need a Jay.

Hahahaha! There's a little feller at work who looks like him. He's gonna get a wig and then we'll be all set. I just need to find a good looking coat.
not sure yet.......i guess i have several halloween parties to end, so i need a few costumes.......

considering maximus from gladiator, rocketeer, dick tracy, ghostbuster, etc etc
Last two years in a row I've done a weird west gunslinging steampunk sort of thing, but I felt really overdressed. This year I'll probably dress to compliment my daughter, who's decided on a costume about three days before Halloween the last few years.
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