Halloween 2011: The Red Skull (Pics)


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Heya Folks! Time for Gearhead the Newbie to get his oar in the water with my first costume post!

I've been on the forum for a little while (lurking mostly) and have really been wowed by the creativity here. In Late August I discovered the various build logs and pictures of the Red Skull costume builds that people have done here (DecaturVader, BornKilR, etc) and these were immensely useful in helping me create my own Red Skull costume.

As a poor college kid I didn't have the funds to invest in a MrBungle Red Skull mask and didn't have the time to make a a silicone one, I opted to make a Latex facial prosthetic that I would attach to a bald cap. I made a video of the costume process if you care to watch. Halloween 2011- Red Skull - YouTube
After a while I decided to do more of an original design than a straight movie or straight comic look for ol' Schmidt.

The trench coat and boots were from thrift stores and the cap came from an antique shop. I made the aguilette and all the insignia from scratch, and the whole shebang went on over some black twill pants and shirt that I already had.

While not perfect, This was a really fun costume to make and to wear and I won several costume contests with it. Thanks for looking!
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