Halloween 2011: A New Twist on an Old Classic...


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So, for Halloween last year me and two friends were ZZ Top - straight out of the Legs video, complete with furry spinning guitars:


We were an enormous hit and this year our goal is to Top last year (heh).

After much debate we settled on an idea. A new twist on an old classic.....The Wizard of Oz.....as ZOMBIES!

We've got the Tin Man, the Scarecrow and the Cowardly Lion. Dorothy and Toto will be with us, but only in pieces! I'll be carrying Dorothy's severed and bloody head, the Scarecrow will have a bloody stump of her leg (complete with ruby slipper) and the Lion...well, seeing as how he and Toto were such, um, good pals....he's having him for lunch. :lol

Due to everyone's schedules, we weren't able to get started building until about a week and a half ago. Needless to say, time is short and we have our work cut out for us in a big way! Fortunately, since we are going to be zombies, things can be a little bit sloppy as that adds to the realism/decay factor. That also benefits us in that we don't have to be ultra-screen accurate and we can take a little bit of creative license.

I haven't taken a whole lot of progress pics, but now that things are coming together a little better, I'm starting to take some of my costume which is the Tin Man.

Body is made of two sheets of polypropylene and the arms and legs are all polypropylene trash cans. Everything is pop riveted. The biggest challenge so far has been the elbows and finding paint that will adhere to polypropylene. Gotta hand it to Krylon....their Fusion line works like a charm and the metallic silver looks exactly like the Tin Man's suit once it dries.

We're going with latex appliances on our faces to give additional zombie action and once we are all built, we will be completely zombified with blood, dirt and assorted debris, weathering, etc.

Here's some progress pix so far. First up is the main body section. This thing is a ***** to get in and out of! Needs some sanding and other minor cleanup before painting begins tomorrow.


Another view of the body:


Here's the upper arms with shoulder bells and the lower arms. Still need more paint, but they are looking great so far. Elbow work begins tomorrow which will probably be done in foam:


Here's the legs. They are attached to a belt that I wear around my waist. I've got a pretty good range of motion and I can climb up and down stairs without too much difficulty. But my friends have to help me get in and out of them and put my boots on for me as I can't bend down far enough to get even remotely close to my feet:


Lots more work to do tomorrow. I'll try to post more pix after my next round of painting.

Thanks for looking!
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it certainly sounds like a unique idea and done well could prove to be very successful, good luck with the time you have left to get it completed.
I saw that right after I started this thread. I was like, "no way. what are the chances?" LOL

Fortunately, our version was a zombified version of the original movie characters vs Gino's more original creation.

Here's a few pix of the finished costumes from last night's party at Cal Expo in Sacramento.

Had a blast!





aww man those are awesome costumes...one thing though..the scarecrow zombie should have had a brain in his hand and the tin man a heart...I think thats how it goes..I forgot..but you get the idea lol..Great job anyway
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