Hallmark "Star Trek" Ornament Power Conversion


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Not sure if this has ever been discussed here. I know many folks collect the Hallmark Star Trek and Star War Ornaments. Up until a few years ago, they were all powered from the Christmas tree light strings. The newer ones are battery powered.

I have a bunch of them that are AC powered and want to setup a display case to display them with all the blinky lights and sounds. Here is the problem, most short Christmas light strings do not provide enough power to the ornaments for the lights and sound to function properly. Listening to Spoke speak from the Shuttle Galileo in slow-mo like a dying Walkman is not the goal. Secondly, the connectors have changed over the year and most of the themed ornament plugs are fairly heavy duty compared to the cheap crap they sell today.

I've want to put them on a dedicated AC power supply. However, being that some of these are very difficult to find these days at a decent price, I definitely do NOT want to run too may amps and burn them out. None of the ones I have indicate the proper power requirement.

Anyone worked with these to run them without an old Christmas light string?


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I have several that I Made independant, using A plastic project box, a bicycle spoke (For the wire to hang them off of), and a 9v battery for the power source. The 9v battery is perfect for lighting them, and any sound FX, so hopefully this will give you an inkling of the AC/DC power supply needed.


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You can get a power string to make them all work on amazon. I think it had 5 total connections.

I got one this past xmas and all of my old trek/star wars ornaments lit properly. And spock sounded normal on the shuttle.


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Borjis, Do you remember the SKU that you ordered? You should be able to look it up in your order history. I want to run these off a string as well.


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try buying on ebay vintage christmas tree lights Pre-2000, its because most Newer Christmas lights use less power because of energy restrictions and so on, Also keep and eye out at garage sales most of the older generation home owners have them for sale LLAP Cole
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