Half Size Personality Core


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Well I shall tell you the story behind this first. My girlfriend loves portal and her favourite character is Wheatley. So for Christmas I am making her a half size replica. I got a replicator2 in may and so far have only been making small things and commissions. I have been looking at what others have done and found that many aren't very accurate. So I am going to try and make this one as accurate as possible. Of course because the model is in a game it didn't have to function in real life so during my studies I have found that there is no way to get the rings on the inside to work with one another in coordination with the eye. So these will be connected to the inner shell.

Here are images of the first test print. I will try and update regularly.
PB230001.JPG PB230002.JPG PB230003.JPG PB230004.JPG PB230005.JPG PB230006.JPG
The green sections are a track I put into place to attach the outer casing to the inner casing. The areas outlined in red are the parts I will use to connect the two parts of the inner casing. The blue sections are where I am going to attach the handle. And the purple sections are were I was going to attach rubber bands to keep it held together.

Unfortunately it rotates on an angle it shouldn't deeming this a failure.
PB230007.JPG PB230011.JPG
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