Half-Life Headcrab "Replica"


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This is a heacrab from the Half-Life series that I made in 2016 for a Dr. Kleiner cosplay (although I'm really only proud of the headcrab). It was made mostly with expanding foam, then coated with a few layers of gap filler and primed/spray painted. The whole thing was built around an old foam bike helmet so it can sit on my head comfortably. The writeup (although old) can be found on my site here. I took it out last year for a photoshoot, and since I'm now on the RPF, I thought I'd share it with you guys!

DSC04205 (1).JPG
DSC04208 (1).JPG

Recently, when somehow I had spare time (well, not really...), I decided to make a duct tape pattern for the headcrab. It's about 40 pieces for one half, but it'll be worth it to have an army of them or a plush one to snuggle up to at night.


Aaand I guess I'll share my embarrasing Dr. Kliener cosplay, which makes me look nerdier than I already am (at 6:56).
On the left is my friend as Wilson, in the middle is another friend @missymoo.cosplay as gothic Ariel and then me on the right.