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Star Wars Hales No3. Mk1 $1200 Free Shipping

Sold for 1200.00 USD

Selling a real relic, the Hales No3 Mk1. I cleaned it, blued it to vintage look and waxed it to preserve.

Sending it WorldWide (outside EU) with DHL and with any shipping company the buyer would prefer within the EU (PM me for details).

I'd be interested in a trade for a Browning Booster.

-=Price is 1200 USD=-

Price includes shipping

016E8FD6-2B6C-4F48-B906-0244E074BA74.jpeg C9423602-1951-4933-9629-A27B1D9F9622.jpeg 6DED9E28-C638-4B51-96E3-9B4C84362323.jpeg CA54763C-870C-4214-AE14-5BC4299AF4BC.jpeg 5D7FB586-CE2C-4EDD-9220-D7E05F9DCF1E.jpeg 2928153A-F2D7-46EC-ADC3-52A6593B6E90.jpeg 285A4171-BF11-4860-9426-58FB7109C5B5.jpeg 2A6B2E45-39DC-46E7-B88A-03F2E7BFDC52.jpeg 37391FD2-DE83-420D-A128-7A06AB3A09C4.jpeg
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