Halcyon Predator 2 Kit Build


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Hey guys
I got this little baby in the mail today and can't wait to build it.

I'm on spring break, so I needed something to keep me occupied.
Not to mention that this is also my first model kit o_O (next on the list is hopefully a Dark Hunter )
Any advice?
I can already tell the dreads are going to be horrible to put on the thing. They're all individual x.X

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Hi Kevin, i've built this one before, I found it was easier to paint the dreads, armour, hands and gauntlets while they're still on the sprue, then touch up any missing bits once they're attached. I also painted the details on the face before putting the head together, as the eyebrows make it a bit awkward to get to the eyes after. Good luck with your first kit, Derek


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I think that was my first predator build back in the day. Easy kit to build the only semi difficult parts are all those dreads and making sure you put each one in the right spot. The one I remember building had half the dreads come off the sprue which made it a bit more challenging. But paiting is easy and strait foward use a stencil if your not skilled in painting.
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