HAL 9000 interface with sound

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    Hi All,

    I don't post a lot, but here's something I've just finished. A very fun little project.

    This sits on the wall in my shop. I've added a PIR sensor which triggers an Arduino which controls a WT8603M01 V1.00 MP3 player.

    I couldn't get that silky smooth HAL voice with enough variety to keep it interesting, so instead, it randomly plays one of 40 sound clips by Al Pacino from Scent of a Woman. So I get a gruff little insult each time I enter the shop.

    The PIR is on all the time, but the Arduino prevents more than one clip being played in one hour. I've attached the code (note, one of the PIR indicators wasn't activated in the video below. I've fixed that).

    A big thanks to AP 333 here who generously provided a lot of info. I've added enough of my own research to this, but as per AP 333's request, these are not a run and are not for sale. Onesey's for me and my bro's.

    I've made a video of the build. Thanks for looking, I hope you enjoy.


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    Beautifully made...as a Canadian yourself, you could've found the right guy to do the voice (since the actor doing it in the first place was also a Canuck);):cool
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    Where did you source the brushed aluminum vinyl and the speaker cover? I'm building a HAL housing for my Nest Thermostat, since it reminds me so much of HAL.
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    Really cool work! Well done!
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    Super cool! Loving it!

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