HAL-1138's art collection


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I love seeing all the wonderful art pieces that popup on this forum and have been inspired to make some of my own. I'll be doing some sketches and paintings, but also fabrications with Predator and Alien themes. Please enjoy!

I'm starting off with a shoulder bag I just finished a couple of weeks ago. It's my version of the Xeno-queen embryo. :)



You know, female armour is always so skimpy, I can just imagine a father predator yelling at his daughter "You're not going out hunting like that! Cover yourself up young lady!"

Nice design though :D


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*Laughs at Deadpool's post* Its a reat start for a design. Found the missing toe an interesting touch. As well as the interwoven neckrings.


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It's so cute! Are you on etsy? If not you should definitely have a shop there. I find a lot of unique and interesting predator stuff on there!


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LOL Thanks City!
Yes, this little guy is on Etsy. I'm planning on making an unmasked hunter as well. My girls want their own of course. Kayla wants a Pred and Zoe wants a Xeno. Should be a fun project to make a Queen Xeno. ;)
Miyamoto Productions is the shop name if you want to take a peek.


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Made a bio bead today........ It was weird making something that has such a defined slope shape into a flattened out piece. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out though. will be making a mold to case resin for a necklace I have in mind. ;)

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