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Hi guys,

In 1997, here in Sweden, there was a comedy sci-fi television mini-series called Kenny Starfighter. It was a tv-series that paid tribute to all the classic sci-fi movies like Star Wars, Alien, Blade Runner etc.

The main character (Kenny Starfighter) had a very unique and awesome blaster called the Hairminator.
It is one of my favorite props and something that I really would like to replicate, but I need some help :)


As you probably can see, it was basically built using a real 70's-90's hair dryer with some decals and greeblies attach to it.
The last picture here is something I found on google and I believe it is the same exact type of dryer they used for the prop. If you zoom in you can see that it says:"Type 5212 Grandessa" which I guess is the model and the brand name.

Now, I don't know if this hair dryer is something that you only can find in Sweden, but I would like to know what you guys think and if you have an idea of where I maybe could find one, I would love to know :)
I did a bit of googling and eventually found a picture of a more modern-looking, orange Grandessa hairdryer that sold on Etsy for £12.86 a while back. According to the label on the side, it was made in England, by Ferhurst Precision Tools Co. Ltd.

Now, I'm also made in England and I've never heard of Ferhurst Precision Tools or the Grandessa hairdryer. I'm wondering if they supplied hair salons rather that home users?

Once again it looks like the prop guys grabbed the nearest thing they could find, and it just happened to be something incredibly obscure :rolleyes

I think your best bet would be to keep an eye on Etsy and Ebay.

Good luck!
Thanks for the help! I really appreciate it!

I guess it really is our lot in life to always be searching for the most obscure things! :rolleyes
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