Hair dye for one night?


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So for Halloween, a good friend of mine is going as Arkham Asylum Joker, and his hair is very similar to the Joker's, so we wanted to use hair dye as opposed to a wig. We don't want to use the neon green hair spray because it looks awful. So are there any alternatives that we can use to make his hair green? His hair is like a dirty blonde.


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There is colored hair gel at the local beauty/hair supply places that works well. The only down side is that it is gel, and makes ur hair hard as a rock. It washes away well though!


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If you can find the green color version I would go with Henna Hair dye. It lasts about 2-3 days and slowly fades away. Since your friend is blond it makes it easier for the dye to set. If he had black hair or dark brown it wouldn't work.

My wife went red one year and it lasted several weeks. The longer you leave it in the darker it gets.


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They make a more subdued green hair spray. I don't have any photos, but I have dark hair and used it for my Joker costume back in '89. It was pretty subtle and washes right out.


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A couple years ago I went as the Joker and actually used yellow hair spray paint for my hair. I have brown hair and it came out green. I think it was about $6 a can when I got it. Its all about experimenting and finding what works best for you.


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You also might be able to get the color you want with the spray by getting a can of green and a can of brown and playing around with both of them to get the color your friend wants. Both of those colors should be easy to find.

I don't think this will help you, but I've used liquid shoe polish on my hair before, with no ill effects (that I know of)! I remember using it as a kid for various costumes. As an adult, I did a Wolverine costume on short notice, but I couldn't find any of the temporary black hair color spray (I have light blond hair). So I used Kiwi brand liquid shoe wax in black. It stays in well, didn't run or get on anything, and I think it washes out as easily as the spray can stuff does. I don't think they make any in green though, just the more common shoe colors.


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You can put a cheap green hair colour on blonde hair and get a reasonable result, but it's not going to be as temporary as one night thing, it will fade but it's gonna last a little while. Washing it with dish soap liquid or head and shoulders will speed up the process of colour fade but it still wont come out straight away. You can use a scoop of powdered hair bleach with equal parts 9% peroxide and warm/hot water. Mix it into a paste and spread it quickly throughout your damp hair getting a nice even coverage and massage it through you hair for a quick 5 mins. That should help shake some of the colour out without doing too much to your own natural colour underneath......but no more than 5 mins

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Could you just comb some green makeup through your hair? I've seen it done with clown white. Maybe if you could find a creamy makeup in green, you could get something passable.


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even the last quick cuts or whatever it was had temp hair dye in red blue green ect....i i wouldnt think it would be too hard to find
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