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I know this is strictly props and costume board.
But I was wondering if anyone here can point me in the direction of a tutorial or website for DIY wigs.

Its looking like I will have to make my own wig for a character next year and I would like to get underway sooner rather than later.:unsure

thanks :D


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Just remember, if the wig is synthetic, you cannot curl it by regular means! You will have to roll/set it, and pour very hot to boiling water on it-it is plastic, after all. Also, real hair grows out at a 90 degree angle to the head, which is why we can style our own hair any way we like. Synthetic hair is sewn into place, making styling a fake hair wig a bit of a nightmare. You might have to re-sew the wefts down in a different location than they are already. Hope this helps!


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I'm thinking I should send the above links to the people behind the TV show(here in Oz) Undercover Boss, so far this season we have had at least 3 frakking atrocious wigs for the undercover boss
When I can get some pictures I will post tehm here, but the wigs they have used look so frakking terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Thanks for the tip Looch.
I was originally thinking of being mental enough to try to make the wig myself but I had some sense put into me by the powers that be and ordered 2 wigs yesterday to work with.

Thankfully the wig I need to make is mostly straight, it just has a lot of layers and some crazy bangs sticking out.
But I will definitely heed your advice to curl the tips of the layers.
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