Hadleys Hope Diorama W.I.P for NECA Figures - Scratch build


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This is my first attempt at a diorama, and modeling in general but I'm really enjoying it so far.

After buying the Bishop NECA figure I decided it needed something else to go with it as it is pretty basic. So, I thought I would make some floor grates, but then I got a little carried away.

Now I am working on getting 3 sections of the main corridor finished, but I would like to do the main door at the end as an open ended corridor will spoil the illusion.

I'll try to update my progress when I get chance.

1925250_10152964458310399_6939330894145384426_n.jpg 10391370_10152952580260399_903951310116775225_n.jpg 10858611_10152964470765399_9096658763529974643_n.jpg 10947321_10152952580395399_9200748253366597295_n.jpg
10922695_10152964470905399_294745876472703968_n.jpg 11034315_10153020185085399_8293670292714353528_n.jpg 10420252_10153011912345399_8104265205544053118_n.jpg 10920930_10153020185005399_8610415703250716358_n.jpg
1545662_10153044882400399_6194839208299745602_n.jpg 10405404_10153044882700399_5095118251754928905_n.jpg


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Seeing this is quite impressive! Reminds me of my ideas for making a section of the RIS Galactica's hallway for a display. Can't wait to see the end result on this. :D
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