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Hi Guys,

I the 1995 Movie Hackers Mather Lillard's Char Emmanuel Goldstein / 'Cereal Killer' has a Yellow Motorola Pager, What Model is this?

Iv'e Hunter round the internet and found two model numbers

A03KLC5362DA and A03KLB5162AA

But I cannot find this paper in yellow, Any help please?

Screenshot included.

Hope this is in the Correct Forum Part.
I'd say it is a "Motorola Advisor" pager just painted with some yellow neon color for the movie.

Just take care to get a pager with only 2 alphanumeric text lines and a simple additional 3rd upper symbol-only line. Most Advisor models had a full size alphanumeric field with 4 lines of text with an additional simple symbol line on the left of the screen OR they just generated the symbols on the fullscreen alpha-screen. There were afaik some different revisions. Or is it pix generated, not simple symbols, in the one in the film and I am wrong and you can simply code that? Compare:





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