Guts sword build.

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    I'll do some more detailed/organized WIP things for this, but trying to get Golden Age Guts done for Otakon and I've been slacking, so I'm going to put up a thread here to try and keep me on track.


    • made out of insulation foam from Lowe's around a 1" dowel that was sanded flat where it's sandwiched between the foam.
    • coated with smooth cast 65d semi-rigid.
    • finish will be primer + rub n buff.
    • rivets on the handle are googly eyes.
    • need to figure out how to get cloth to stay around handle when I put it on. Glue of some kind? I'm open to suggestions here.

    Got a lot of work to do still (three more weekends to work until Otakon), but I just drilled holes in the guard and pommel to put them on the handle today, so I went ahead and threw them on to see what it looked like. Here are a couple of pics:
    Picture 1133.jpg Picture 1132.jpg

    I'm 5'6" for reference (will be around 5'9"ish in cosplay since I wear lifts in my boots). So this thing is pretty big, but it weighs less than ten pounds so I can swing it around with one hand (slowly, though, due to wind resistance).

    I will put up another thread at some point for the costume part of everything... I'm doing armor with sintra but I'm new to that, as well.
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    Be sure to check out for information regarding the sword build if you run into any brick walls. I've been toying with the idea of doing this sword as well.
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    Thanks! I've checked out before, but it's been a while, so I'll look there again.

    One thing I'm running into is that 65d may not be rigid enough for the tip of the sword, since it'll have to rest on the ground for poses occasionally. I need a way to fortify the tip at the very least, but I'm not sure if something like Smooth On 300 (of which I have some) or fiberglass resin would be the best way to go, or if either of these will adhere to the 65d already on the sword.

    If anybody has any guidance on this, I'm all ears. I haven't worked much with resin, and I haven't been able to find the answers to my specific questions by googling.
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    Nearly done, so here's a pic. Then I'll write more details about what I did to make it when I have a little more time. Otakon is in a week and I have way more of the actual cosplay to complete than I was hoping to need to do by this this weekend will be busy.


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