Gundam Aile Strike Build. (WIP)

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    Anime : Gundam SEED.
    Build Type :
    [h=3]GAT-X105+AQM/E-X01 Aile Strike Gundam[/h]

    Referances :
    Special Thanks to ChiveLee for being a leader in the world of Gundam Mecha Building and sharing his work. Gundam Guy. For his Build blogs on Gundam models. Maker Unknown to knowledge. For allowing the parts to be viewed on Paperkura for referance.

    Material Listing.
    Stock board 2mm thick.
    EVA Foam 3mm Thick.

    Wood laths for Certain Structures and parts.
    Bag Straps.
    LED Components.

    Absolute Finish date : June 18th
    Purpose : Competition and showcase.

    Note : There are a High Def vaiants as well as low defs. I will be keeping to something in between to the best of my ability. Full log of the build will be documented here for reference and also any thoughts and suggestions. Please take care of me as i take on one of my dream builds.
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    This is one of my FAVORITE Gundams :) This will be a great project! Good luck, can't wait to see your progress!
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    Thank you for your interest :thumbsup

    Initial Drawings for Feet layout.

    However, the measurements are subjected to change. Will be using a T-Type plat-from for the base to build around. Using Cardboard. Altering and Finding the right measurements for both visual and scaling.

    The Absolute bases with be used from the paperkura aspect. As models then to differ as well as not offering some views of the part.


    Cardboard Mock of the drawing. with my shoe ill be using on top. Its currently at 15cm. but it will be a total of 25cm when plank struts are added to the base.


    However from the front. IT seems a bit to narrow. as the heel compared to the toe seems to be much broader. The Back with is currently at thinking perhaps 25 will make it more help with the visual. then taper it back to 20 at the end. as the heel in the model shows its almost diamond shape.

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    I LOVE GUNDAM BUILDS! I really feel like making another one... Nethergundam par example :lol
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    I have a sculpt of a gundam head I keep planning on molding on my shelf.

    So seeing this inspires me to take action.

    I will watch this build carefully.
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    @ Kialna : :D...That would certianly be worth seeing.
    Alpha Proto : .....*suddenly feels under pressure..*:ninja

    In any event I reworking my design for the Feet. For a while I didnt understand why chivelee kept the feet support as a block . Then it was while I mock making mine i realised why. Its much more practical. and easier to manage. It also feels that that the angle of the toe/foot cover is easier to get. Unless you good at math to work it out to get an angle your comfortable with. So I decided to look into something more simlar to his.


    Im going to keep true and keep it simple. Using paint cans and flat boards on top and below, with bag straps in between as well as for the shoe.
    ITs late at the moment to work power tools but i gathered up the materials already to have it done by tommrow.

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