Guess what we're building now! (pics)

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EDIT: Added more pictures...and can't believe no ones got this yet. OK so here's a hint: Classic Sci-Fi movie.

SECOND EDIT: WINNER! Nice one Sith Sheriff!

He got it with "Earth vs. the Flying Saucers" The grand-daddy of every "bad guys in cool body armor" movie to follow. This was, I believe the first time it'd been done. With special effects by none other then the legend Ray Harryhausen who with this movie set the Bar for all UFO Invasion movies to follow.

YES....we're making the whole suit :)

As per usual, me and my Dad sitting in the shop watching movies and one of us says "Hey, now that'd be neat to make..." that is immediately followed by the other saying "I'll get the foam..."

I thought it'd be fun to see who could guess this latest piece we're cooking up on the workbench, no prizes or anything, just bragging rights and a Rep bump :lol

To win, just post the name of the movie and what the piece is. Oh and say how many pictures it took to "see" what it was!

CORRECT answer will get a reply (don't want to fill the thread with nope...uh








Good luck!

...I have a side bet you guys'll get this in hours...if not sooner :cool
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I was going to hazard a guess at something from Space 1999. Looked a little like the command module from an Eagle Transporter for a minute.....
I was going to say the same thing, but the nose isn't pointed enough, and it needs the indents on the front. Before I was going to post I checked some photos of the eagle but then figured no it wasn't one of those.
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