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Daniel Nelms

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Good evening ladies and germs, I've come up with a little something special to show you.

Here's a custom prop I just finished. I don't think anybody else has ever made one of these and it's pretty obscure so I thought it could be fun to make a game out of it.

The prop:


The Prize:

What will you get if you guess correctly? I'll make another one and send you one of these as a kit for free! Limit one winner, if more than one person identifies the prop the first person who identifies correctly as outlined in the rules will win. You'll have to PM me your mailing address. The contest ends at midnight, August 8th 2015 but might be extended if there isn't a winner by that time.

The Rules:

So here's the skinny, you've got to identify the object and here's what I consider to be a valid identification.
What TV show/movie it came from. If a TV show what season, episode number, etc. The name of the prop, who it was used by and for what.


I've already given a hint, read carefully.

Good luck and let the game begin!

From that 'Data' line, I'm guessing its from the episode The Outrageous Okona, Star Trek TNG. Tool of some kind :lol

Now its up to someone else to watch that episode to identify the name etc .... if I'm right :lol
Message sent.

What TV show/movie it came from. If a TV show what season, episode number, etc. The name of the prop, who it was used by and for what.

Star Trek the Next Generation
Season 1
Episode 2 "The Naked Now"
Sonic Driver
Used by Cmdr William Riker and Lt. Cmdr Sarah MacDougal to get access to the Main Engineering office that Wesley has taken over.
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And the winner is.... bikemancs

You are skilled sir, you identified a prop that was used on a tv show in one episode for all of two or three seconds of screen time.

You shall henceforth be known as The Memory Alpha for your mad Star Trek trivia skillz.

I will be shipping the winner one of these and also starting a build thread where I will furnish the 3D printable files for any/all who would like one of these for themselves.
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I thought it was from the episode The Outrageous Okona, due to the line Data says "Good evening ladies and germs" :wacko

Well, at least I got TNG right :lol

So what was the clue :lol ?
If you want to get technical, the germs could be a play on whatever affected the crew in The Naked Now, but I honestly used a different, highly classified method to figure it out.

Thank you Daniel, it was a fun exercise for the brain. Of course now I have to live up to a higher expectation... dangit!
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