guardians of the galaxy orb paint question.


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i bought one of these orbs and i am wondering what is the best way to paint this orb. would the kind of black paint be better matte or gloss be best for the holes? i plan on using rub n buff silver for the main part and i am wondering does the undercoat paint effect how it looks?

any help would be great.


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The rub n buff should look the same using either of the paints. From the pics I've seen it looks like a semi gloss black since there is some reflected light in the pits. As long as the outer surface is smooth the buff will look great!

Kevin Gossett

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I use Duplicolor Magnetic Grey Metallic for the base, not black. Gives it a more realistic look. Then Rub 'n Buff silver on the raised surface


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I recently created an infinity orb which was 3d printed.
These are the steps I went through:
Here are the steps I went through....
1. Clean up the 3D print, so sand down any filament threads and sand the whole print with the finest sandpaper you can find.
2. Apply a light first layer of filler primer, I used Hycote filler primer ( or via Amazon).
3. I waited 30 minutes for the coat to dry before applying the next layer.
4. After 3 - 4 coats let it harden for 24hrs and then give it a light sanding with the fine sandpaper.
5. After this I applied 3 more coats and re-sanded it after 24hrs.
6. Paint time! I used 3 coats of the matt Plastikote spray, you find yourself holding the can at weird angles due to the many odd shapes.
7. Finish with Rub 'n Buff for the metal look and seal with a clear coat, I used satin Plastikote.

The detailed build pictures can be found here:

Good luck!
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