Guardians of the Galaxy Gamora & Nebula (Andy Park Concept art versions)


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This is our first post! We have a little over 2 weeks left to finish these costumes. This is our first time doing any life casting and mold making so we wanted to share our progress. : )

1237558_896272413716467_2945249993200073809_n.jpg 10170716_896272427049799_7689053496959642333_n.jpg


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1 - Making life casts of our faces with Alja-Safe Alginate.
2 - Fill Alginate negative with Hydrocal.
3 - Clean up Hydrocal positive.
3 - Coat with layers of Rebound 25 Silicone.
4 - (not pictured) cover Silicone mold with plaster bandages.
5 - Fill inside with Ultracal, burlap strips and add a metal pipe handle. We then have our positive faces in Hydrocal.
6 - Sculpt on our faces with Chavant medium clay (smoothed it out with 99% alcohol and terpenoid)
7 - Build a clay way that will be the space for the foam latex to go
8 - (not pictured) coat face with sculpted clay with Ultracal and burlap.
9 - Now we have a positive and negative for foam latex. Just need to clean them both and make any air bubble repairs.
10 - Add holes on high points to allow excess foam latex to escape and help prevent wrinkles.

10923595_923402981003410_5133973336753140044_n.jpg 1513781_923402831003425_4152087497208767201_n.jpg 10905991_923402741003434_2159099521119417168_n.jpg 1472859_924085580935150_2462437955271038202_n.jpg 10387411_935191923157849_5871490496944927597_n.jpg 10934075_935192046491170_7826187450234068838_n.jpg 11008545_964207933589581_5510670796950690261_n-1.jpg 10704372_964198406923867_8117980253745449817_o.jpg 10850013_964743946869313_6970043657584520765_n.jpg 11128835_968502046493503_7881984148134944850_n.jpg


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Nebula's chest piece was another huge challenge. We really should have just make a positive and negative mold like we did with the foam latex, however we did it the hard way, haha.

Made a aglinate cast of my chest, cleaned it up, filled with plaster, then tried to paint Smooth-On Dragonskin over it. We couldn't get an even coat, it would just pool in certain places and be too thin elsewhere. (first picture)

We ended up making a couple new molds and added the lines in with cording.We succeeded when we did one detail coat followed by thick coats of Dragonskin brushed inside the Rebound negative.
11015105_944350562241985_2766425678982131339_n.jpg 10411047_948348741842167_6797870529170704482_n.jpg FullSizeRender.jpg 11081082_961746983835676_429899554463930728_n.jpg 13794_969836689693372_5265355793494330622_n.jpg
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