Groundhog Day alarm clock conversion

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    Just picked up a reasonably priced, and fully functional Panasonic clock radio. Not the same model used in Groundhog Day, but it's kissin' cousin. As Google will tell you, both models look alike with the following exceptions: case color and face plate design.

    The model I bought is the RC-6030. This is the version with the faux wood grain finish. Its face plate sports a thin white pin stripe around the outer edge.

    The movie version is based on the RC-6025. That version came with a completely white finish and unadorned face plate. Otherwise identical to the 6030.

    I'm not a stickler for complete screen accuracy, so I decided to experiment. Once I received the 6030, I went to work disassembling it. Here are the break down steps for the clock:

    • Pull the main switch (labeled "On/Off/Auto/Alarm") and the volume knob directly off of their moorings. If you have problems with this proceed to the next step and they'll be forced off. The main switch is made up of two separate components.
    • Remove the five 1.25" screws in the undercarriage that secure the plastic base to the plastic cover. All of these screws are sunk below the surface.
    • The cover (with minimal effort) can then be separated from the base, but it remains tethered by the speaker wire. Removing three 1/4" screws and floating washers frees the speaker from the cover.
    • Next, the main circuit board can be separated from the base by removing two 1/4" screws with attached washers. There were additional unfilled screw holes, so your mileage may vary. This PCB remains connected to the speaker, transformer and flip clock tumblers via wires.
    • Using a small screwdriver, or just your fingers, pull the "Time Set/Alarm Set" knob (again, this is two separate components) and "Tuner" knob - on the left and right side of the base - directly from their moorings.
    • The face plate can now be easily removed from the base (no screws). It houses the numbered AM/FM dial, but is otherwise just a matte for the flip clock tumblers.
    • The flip clock tumblers can be freed from the base by removing two 1/4" screws that are flush mounted to the underside.
    • If you're luckier than I was, you can remove two screws holding the transformer to the base and the entire clock will be gutted at this point. Those screws were frozen on my clock so I had to make due by placing all of the above electronics and mechanical components into ZipLock bags and leaving it all hanging loosely to the base.

    Then it was ready for paint! I'm sure everyone has their favorite method. Mine included cleaning all parts with Formula 409 and then placing the cover on top of a propane tank, placing the closed knobs on nail heads I sunk into a piece of scrap lumber, and placing the open knobs inside the mortar holes of an unused brick.

    The spray paint I used was Valspar Paint for Plastic. It's advertised as "Ideal for rigid plastic surfaces. No primer needed for superior adhesion." We'll see.

    Well, that was it. Pretty simple and effective. The clock is currently functioning as my alarm clock on my night stand. I'll probably try to remove that white stripe on the face plate with acetone before it ultimately finds its place in my home theater.

    Hope someone finds this info useful...

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    That's not bad for a quadruped...

    Now you need to add some electronics so that it plays nothing but "I Got You Babe".
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    This is so cool :cool

    I have been looking at the 6030's for ages, but never actually bought one to convert. Still hoping for some twit on eBay with a 6025 who has no idea what they have in their hands :lol

    Thanks for sharing / showing what it would look like when done :):thumbsup
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    This is awesome. Yes, you should TOTALLY put an mp3 player and have it wake you up to "I got you Babe" every morning. :lol It would be even better if you could get the radio announcer guy as well.
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    That is awesome!
    Hmmmm......there's a flea market 3 minutes away that is PACKED every weekend. One mans trash is another mans prop.
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    Thanks, guys. I think I'd have to smash the clock, too, if it woke me up with Sonny and Cher every morning. But if I can figure out how to add it, I will.
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    Just a quick follow up. I noticed the hour flap was turning early, at 53 minutes past the hour, so I opened it up again to fix it. So while I was at it, I removed the white pinstripe around the face plate.

    Here's the (almost) movie accurate version, minus the correct split-flat numbers since the ones in the props weren't stock. Love waking up to this!


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