Griswold Blackhawks Jersey Xmas Vacation?


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I figure this is the place to ask, since we all tend to be a little particular about screen accuracy...:lol

I want to get a "Griswold" #00 Blackhawks jersey (for myself) for Christmas.

CHRISTMAS VACATION is an annual tradition at my house!

Anyway, anybody ever buy one? What brand and where'd you find the best price?


sometimes there are on ebay with other merchandise stuff from CV, like the moose mug, walleyworld shirt or the x-mas calendar house...

I wonder always where this stuff came from, is there a company what produces the stuff?!?
Jerseys are expensive no matter what. Especially with a custom name on the back.

We watched this last night and I thought the exact same thing about wanting a jersey. :lol My father already owns a set of egg nog mugs which we make sure to drink out of each year.
I know... I treid to get some mighty ducks jerseys, so I know how expensive they can be... Last time I get a jersey about 14 years ago, I paid $50 for it...

From the actual jersey front, I don't know if they sold actual 'on ice' jersey's to the public in 89. When I looked, all they sold was a 'retail version' that was about $80 at the time. Today that level is the $150 range.

Unless you're trying to find an 89 era jersey, you're looking at something like this:

SportsK-Chicago Blackhawks Premier Customized NHL Hockey PlayerJerseys

That's $160 and current era 'mid level'.

To get one from the 80's, well, you're looking at finding an older jersey, stripping it yourself, and getting it customized for about $65 plus shipping. (65 is just the customizing, you'll be lucky to find an 80's authentic for under 250-300).

They even have a Griswold set up to order :)

Chicago Blackhawks Clark Griswold Christmas Vacation Hockey Jersey-SportsK

Those are mid level jerseys and are quite nice. Much better in quality than the mid level NFL jerseys.

If you're dead set on an actual on-ice version, that's closer to, if not over 300 if you can find them. They don't make too many. Top level (on-ice) i found at the blackhawks shop for 329.

Reebok EDGE Chicago Blackhawks Authentic Home Jersey (Blank or Customized) -
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