Grifter WildC.A.T.s cosplay


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I am new to cosplay, and for this years Salt Lake City Comic Con i am hoping to go as grifter from the WildC.A.T.s.
I can get a Jacket and tailer it to his style. But i need some help getting the belts, bandoliers, and guns started. If anyone with experience in making things like this, have any tips, videos, pictures, or anything that will help me get started, I would very much appreciate it!



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closet batfan

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Any type of nerf gun sprayed silver would do, grifter has different weapons every issue. The gloves, you could buy the captain America The avengers costume ones, they're the right colour and length. Belt, u could buy several of the dark knight belts and attach them across your chest (you can get quite cheap ones). Everything else is fairly simply, black skin tight T shirt, brown jeans (tight), goth boots, red mask.