Gridwall and Wall Gun Displays


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Anyone have any experience with using gridwall materials or similar methods to display guns on a wall.
BobaDebt or someone posted pics of their prop room awhile back using gridwall... Maybe they'll see this and post again. :)


wuher da brewer

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I posted about this a couple weeks ago and didn't get much of a response. I'm trying to decide how I want to display my guns and blasters.


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With gridwall type displays the guns are held up with a bracket or two. Does this focused pressure damage delicate items over time like rubber guns? Anyone ever gridwall an entire wall is that tacky is it hard to find support beams to screw the gridwall into if it covers such a large area?
I probably would explore things first with cheap toy guns so if they fall or get damaged its no big deal. Just curious if anyone else has any experience with these display methods.
Anyone have any thoughts on narrow shelves with the items individually held into the wall with a gunstand/bracket versus gridwall. Lots of gun stores just stand rifles upright which might not be as possible for delicate items.

Also anyone ever suspend guns from a ceiling or gridwall or otherwise fasten them to a ceiling to maximize space. Might be even tougher considering its harder to find a stud through ceiling material. Might make a room stand out though.


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I have an entire Gridwall display for my blasters.
I'm at work right now. . . pics to come when I get home.

Boba Debt

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I'm pretty sure I was the first person in this community to use this stuff and I have an entire 11x14 room covered in it

The pictures I have are too large for Wackychimps service but if you email me at I will send them to you.

If you do an entire wall or a room you run 2 horizontal bands of boards around the perimeter and that is where you attach the mounting brackets

I have displayed my collection on this system for more then 4 years and have not had any problems with the exception of my Studio Scale Tie Fighter, the solar panels started to sag.

All of my other resin guns seem to do okay.


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OK, I'm home now, so here are a couple pics of my display.
There are 3 pieces, 8' x 2'. They're held to the wall with standard wall anchors (2 per bracket) and I've never had a problem with them shifting or anything.



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I used Slatwall instead of the Gridwall... I also left a space above for a shelf for helmets and such.

It's an old pic but you get the idea.


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hi all

ive just bought a few army dirttracks ( used for chucking under landrovers when they get boged in )
im in the middle of cleaning them up and then they will get a quick spray job

this should look good for weapons and stuff



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What is the big difference from a display standpoint between gridwall and slatwall
I donÂ’t think there is much of a difference other than the look; there are a number of different hangers, shelves, and hooksÂ… for each. I found the Slatwall less distracting and a little less industrial, allowing the guns to appear more prominently.

And another old pic.