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Grey's Anatomy doctors' coats - questions about restoration


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I'll admit it, Grey's Anatomy is a guilty pleasure. Well, mostly just the first few seasons. So, I've acquired some doctors' coats from season 1. The problem is, a couple of them of them, including Cristina Yang's intern coat, have discolored over time. I've attached a photo compared to Miranda Bailey's coat which is still perfectly white. My questions are:

1. How would I go about restoring the discolored coat? Would a dry clean do it? There are some costume department markings on the label I'd like to preserve as well.
2. Even the buttons are discolored, any way to polish those back to white?
3. How would this kind of discoloration even happen? I have another coat from season 3 that is about the same.

Thanks for any guidance you can provide!


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