Grey Warden (Dragon Age:I) WIP


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Hey! So I just finished a con where i went with some friends as Sniper from TF2 (repping the dinosaur games haha) and i got super inspired by all the amazing cosplays there and on here so i want to make something a bit more substantial. I LOVE Dragon Age so i've decided on a rougey Grey Warden based on the Inquisition designs:


Armor making is 100% new to me (i'm much more comfortable at a sewing machine). I've made 1 prop with EVA foam but had a heap of fun, so i'm going to start with the limited pieces in this design and then if i feel confident i might make it more warrior-ish by adding some extra armor pieces - but we will see how it goes haha Timeline is for a local con in November, so fingers crossed! (I also need to think about a weapon - eek!)

I've started by drafting the hooded bolero thing, then make a mockup from some scrap fabric with a similar thickness to the final result:


I'm pretty happy with it, the final pattern has some minor shape alterations at the back, and is let out a just a touch to make sure the armor will fit at the front (I'll probably strap down my chest anyway hahaha) I also need to lay out the quilting pattern, order studs, get my final fabric etccccc. Here are my rough patterns, which i'll redraw with seam allowance before the final build:



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So i severely underestimated how many studs id need haha so the arms still needs studding to the elbow but apart from that im pretty happy. I ended up dying a textured cotton in 'denim blue' to get the shade i wanted. Then i quilted each pattern piece with two layers of wadding (or scape fleece when i ran out of wadding haha) The arms had two layers on the upper arm and one on the forearm (again because i ran out of wadding/fleece - but if you ask me i'll tell you its totally a design choice...). I hand sewed a lining and the detail stitches etc there's still a few little stitches to do but i'll wait till i get more studs before i finish it off completely.

I also made a start on the breastplate with EVA. I'm pretty happy with the overall shape but im going to have to experiment on the best way to carve the griffin. At the moment it's 3 layers of 2mm foam each cut to a different level with detail carved with a woodcarving kit and smoothed over with Selley's Ezipress. But i don't know what the finish will be like as it's hard to get a smooth finish the way im doing it so this will probably being a test piece so i can also test my painting skills etc before i do a final version. I'm thinking i might try a test with thicker EVA to see if it's easier to just carve the whole thing from one piece rather than the layering. But any advice would be great!