Gremlins Stripe. Paper Mache Sculpture.


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Hi all,

This is a sculpture of Stripe from Gremlins that I made as a christmas gift for a freind . I spent two days work on it as it was a last minute idea. This is my second every sculpture and is made completely from paper maches and handmade going from images on Google. There are a few issues with scale and the smile in the face and it isn't perfect but would have been better if I made the decision earlier. Let me know what you think and where I can improve on the next one.


20161226_193215.jpg 20161226_193210.jpg 20161226_193202.jpg 20161226_193156.jpg


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Thats really nice what you did for your friend. it a really nice item as its made out of paper maches. good on you. hope you had a good christmas and thanks for showing it


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Thanks all, I am hopin g to keep improving with paper mache techniques. I currently use newspaper, junk mail, wire coathangers and masking tape to sculpt the scructure and mache it with a simple mix of flour salt and water. I attach the seperate pats using a hot glue gun and reinforce that with car filler.

For future projects I will be making the models more smooth using multigrade all purpose filler, joining compund, and clay. Depends on budget and other things.
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