gremlin sculpting and mold advice pweeze


Hi all as Im sure some of you know i have been busy making the mogwai from the movies and still got a couple left to make and im starting to think about the gremlin side of things now.:behave
I have got on order the two life sized mohawk and normal gremlin repica kits that im waiting for.

now what i was wondering do anyone think it would be possable for me to make molds of the basic parts that I can then cast so i could modify to make each gremlin with there own details? i thought in that way I can get a basic copy in the right size and most of the details such as body arms legs clawed hands etc the just would need to modify them to each ones tastes etc and the head details.

Could any one offer any advice on what would be the best way for me to do this?? Ive only ever used liquid latex befor to make small latex figures with plaster molds. but im thinking would rubber molds be better and resin for them? if so what would be the cheapest stuff that I could use and were would I get it??

On another note I want to make stripe and some of the other gremlins from the first movie and from what i can see there all basicly the same mold apart from the odd paint difrence and stripes mohawk? i was thinking I would need to sculpt him from scratch as there totaly difrent to the gremlins in the second movie. ive been trying to find pictures of the basic sculp and ive found a good one of the front vue but cant seem to find any for his back can any one help with that??

Also what would any one sugest for the stripe and gremlins from movie 1 sculpt from clay and make a mold? that way i could use it for copying for the others? ive only got some new clay and thats rather heavy but was thinking if im going to mold from it it wouldnt matter?

Sorry I know it seems quite a lot to ask but this forum seems to be the place to ask with a welth of nolige from other model makers whos done all this sort of thing befor. hope some one can help.:):):love

Kind regards
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