Green power ranger helmet


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hey everyone, i got a green power ranger kit from eric0101 from rangerboard and thought i would show my progress as i fix it up. 1st off its lots of spotting putty, gotta fix the mold line and any inperfections ie. bubbles





That's a nice looking Ranger helmet. Gotta quit procrastinating on mine :)

You going to drill the visor or cut it out and put in a real one?
procrastinating ?? no idea what this means lol

well this is a stunt cast so you ment to just drill it, and me being a pratt forgot to buy a proper visor from the guy, so probs just gona drill it :p

cause you cant use a motorbike visor, it a weird shape
That is sweet. I haven't been on RangerBoard for awhile now. Is this eric0101's sculpt, or did someone finally cast a screen used or stunt show helmet?
yeah this one is erics :) got it today and i love it
he doin a cheap run at the mo $100 shipped
which was £60 for me, on his next cheap run im gona get a white ranger one :)
so far ive smoother out all i needed too, and cut it in half at the back


drilled eye holes, sadly joined two :/


attached clamps


primed and ready to detail


didnt realise anyone was following lol :p will be painting it properly real soon, getting green paint on monday, have the bacl and silver already, need a white, have the red diamond ready :)
Just a suggestion, if you want to fix those two holes you joined, fill them over with this stuff from the front and back, sand it, and re drill. It drills very easily.

FIXIT® Sculpt
thanks for the link spencer :) might use that stuff, but im not too bothered if it doesnt gwt fixed, its my 1st helmet so im just glad it still looks like the green ranger.

for tehelite, i just used a crappy ol dremel, took it real slow, worked at a slow rpm and scored the line, then upped the rpm and cut it in half, there is a guide line built in anyway. just make sure the cutting tool is thin, mine was a bit thick and so it doesnt fit too well anymore :/ ah well, i have a power ranger helmet :D

bsjohnson, lucky bugger :p i wana get a white ranger helm on his next run, i want one of all the mmpr

thanks papasmurf :) will do more work tomoz, ie. painting, will post pics soon :)
bsjohnson, lucky bugger :p i wana get a white ranger helm on his next run, i want one of all the mmpr

I'd love to start collecting helmets, but I think my wife would either divorce or kill me. xD

The MMPR Blue is my first step towards Power Rangers cosplay, but I already plan on doing that one, the Blue Ninjetti from the Movie and the Blue Dai Ranger. :)
haha, well my mum would throw me out tbh, she thinks this one is a waste of money
( she dont understand, we the cool kids here :p )
tbh i didnt like the ninjetti ninjas, thought they were pathetic tbh, just didnt seen like POWER rangers anymore. with the proper suits you really get the feeling they morphed into these super heros. the ninja rangers just remind me of kids in karate outfits.

but i would love to do cosplay sometime, ii have the helmet, got a dragon dagger ( just toy ) and got a gold metal plated morpher and have the dragon coin on way too :)

also have the orignal morpher gun they all had in perfect condition :p
Well, I didn't watch any Power Rangers after the first movie, so I don't know how the Ninjetti were handled in the show - but for the story of the movie the Ninjetti power came from within the Rangers, so it wasn't quite as powerful as the normal Ranger suits. I like the look of it personally, but to each their own. :)

I still have my old morpher from when I was a kid. I'm removing the old decals now and I'm going to paint the plates - I've got show accurate decals and a Triceratops coin on the way to finish it out as well as a blaster/sword on the way, too. I've got to save up some scratch before I can afford to get the suit, though.
yeah as ya said, each to their own :p

suggest you check these out then mate, top one is my custom red morpher
and the bottom is a gold metal plated morpher

YouTube - ‪Custom Red Power Rangers Morpher‬‏
YouTube - ‪MM Power Rangers Gold Metal Morpher Plates Review‬‏

please comment if you do watch them :p :p

ive got so many damn triceratops coins they pissin me off lol, think i have 8 and 3 blue movie ones

yeah the suits do cost a bomb, they amazing quality but i cant afford one :( ive seen some cheap one's on ebay, they look like those skin tight morph suits people wear for fun, but they colourd and shaped like the rangers, seen a green one for about £50
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