Green lense material for TK's?????

Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by Dark One, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. Dark One

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    Anyone have a source for the green lense material used in TK buckets??? I am looking for the stuff similar to what was used in the originals. Green Acetate or something like that. Any help would be great.
  2. gonk27

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    You could try places that specialise in lighting equipment?

    I found some in a shop a while ago that sold disco lighting equipment as well as regular household lighting stuff.

    You could also perhaps try theatre supply places, coloured cellophane is used to tint stage lights (known as 'gels').

    Hope that helps
  3. tk5378

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    National Welders Supply. There's one in almost every city in the US. They sell replacement faceshields, then run about $2 each, and they are great when cut up and glued inside a TD helmet...
  4. JoMamma_Smurf

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    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(tk5378 @ Apr 20 2006, 12:48 PM) [snapback]1229778[/snapback]</div>

    Thats the way to go..
  5. SethB6025

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  6. KevVader

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    The thin stuff is too thin and transparent for my tastes so I bought a set of green lenses off ebay.....very nice....and they fit my AP lid perfectly....
  7. SethB6025

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    At this point I use green welders face-shield material, but my next one will be acetate. Doubling it up (the acetate) seems to make all the difference for the transparency.
  8. kurtyboy

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  9. Clutch

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    I've seen different grades, thicknesses, etc... of this stuff, so the trick is to get the 'right' thin stuff. Or do as Seth suggested and double up.

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