Green Lantern @ Noble Collection


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The band is split in the back and rounded on the sides, so it's not that accurate. But for $15, it's not terrible.

I just e-mailed them asking if you can replace the batteries, since the product page doesn't say.


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They added another 3 products in the last week. There's now a steel spinning ring (size 8-12) for $45, a sterling silver ring (also 8-12) for $145, and a "prop" ring in a little display case for $35. All of them are fairly similar to the light-up ring that we saw before.

I think I'll just stick with the light-up ring, since it's the cheapest, and I don't think I need any more versions of this ring design after that. (BTW, Noble's customer service reps told me that the ring's batteries are replaceable, which puts them ahead of Mattel and NECA in that department.)


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Isn't DC Direct doing their own version of the prop battery? Which is more accurate? Having purchased things from Noble before, I am just not that confident in their quality. Things look great, but when you actually hold them, they feel cheap.


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I have the Power Battery Replica and it's pretty awesome. It's bright, fairly heavy (resin), and the battery lasts for a while. It looks very similar to the one in the movie; the only difference is that the resin isn't as transparent in as many places as you see in the movie and on the Noble Collection website. As such, it's mostly opaque except for the center and side lenses. The website makes it look much more green than it is in real life...the only green are the central and side the lenses, the rest if heavy black resin with some small transparent "cracks" and "chips" where light shines through. Overall, well worth the $150.



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