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    This is my first post. I'm new to the RPF and new to prop building in general. I do make things, mostly from wood and I'd like to preface this post by saying that for all intents and purposes, I am a beginner. I love Green Lantern and have always wanted something that I made myself to hang up in my home. I decided that I would start off with something simple, so I want to try my hand at the logo.

    I am not an artist. My brain is simply not wired to make something straight out of my mind. I am jealous of people that have such amazing abilities. My process begins with meticulous drawings that mark every dimension and possible measurement I'll need to know. (Yes, this can be a dangerous habit especially when it comes to prop building and making replicas,) I know the GL logo is quite the simple look, but I have yet to manage any preliminary sketches to feel right. Does anybody have an idea of the logo dimensions? I have looked through most of the posts related to GL, and even google failed me.

    I don't need exact dimensions, since those may be harder to come by. Even ratios at this point in time would be perfectly fine with me. I could print a logo and copy it down to measure it, but that feels like cheating. Once I can get the drawing made up, I plan on making it the centerpiece of my project. I have no idea what that is, yet, but when I start you all will definitely be the first to see progress.

    If there are any other GL fans out there, I'm always up for ideas that may suit a beginner and help me build skills. Thanks for all your help and I hope to see a ton of great projects!

    Happy replicating!

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