Green Hornet TV Series Gas Gun & Kato Dart Prop Replica -PRE ORDER

Factory Ent.

Official Licensee
“Hornet Gun…. Check!”

From the classic 1966 television series, Factory Entertainment is proud to present it's Gas Gun & Kato Dart prop replica. Available for the first time as an officially licensed prop replica. Two versions are available

Limited Edition - The Green Hornet - Gas Gun & Kato Dart Limited Edition Prop Replica

Signature Edition - The Green Hornet - Gas Gun & Kato Dart Signature Edition Prop Replica

Both versions are numbered limited editions, limited to just 250 pieces worldwide. No deposit is required, pre-order now to secure yours. Customers pre-ordering directly from Factory Entertainment will receive priority and will be the first to receive these ultra rare collectibles when they arrive in the Winter of 2011.
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