Green Goblin


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Hi Guys,

I managed to finish off this beauty.

I had to make the eye lenses myself as oakley were

The paint is flip paint and goes from green/ purple/ gold and looks awesome.

Please let me know your comments.

heres the links:

all best



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thanks all, I really am proud of this one.

I might lightly mist the inside of the lenses with silver, havent decided yet.


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thanks all, in reply to creamgeezer.

i dont know where it came from as i got it third hand, i got it in primer with the teeth in a bag and thats it.

I know it was originally from a member here so probably.

The lenses were my biggest challenge.

I ended up using the vac formed cover from an easter egg, trimmed and sprayed with glass paint.

got to love the holidays.

Originally posted by creamedgeezer@Apr 11 2006, 08:38 PM
very cool. was that a blank from Bobby C? You did an excellent job.