Green Goblin Helmet movie accurate paintjob


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heres some more
Hello, I had a few questions about your green goblin mask that you made back in 2016. I was planning on making one within the next few months. My biggest question was if you knew what brand of color shift paint you used and what colorway? I was also wondering, if you did make the lenses how did you get the effect used. Finally I was wondering what type of finish did you use on the helmet. If you could reply whenever you get the chance thanks!


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Today I was looking around trying to find a paint that matched what the creator of this thread used (since they never seemed to spill the beans but it came out really well) and I found one that appears pretty similar to this and to the original prop. It has the dominant green, the purple edges and the yellow lean directly toward the viewer.

Here is reference from thread creator's pics:

And of course the original prop which shows the yellow even more strongly (dependent on lighting):


And here is Didspade's Urban Ivy Supershift Pearl:

Here is a customer photo:

I'm not ready to start my own replica yet but I thought I'd share my findings, potentially a good match.

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