Done / Completed Greedo Blaster DT-12 Kits - Waiting List Closed - All Kits Shipped!


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Deluxe Kit:
Greedo Blaster Kit.JPG

If you're interested in getting a kit, please feel free to post a reply with number of kits and which type (i.e. One Deluxe Kit).

Please be aware that none of the kits include the stylus (Rectangular), flash hider nor push rods. These parts can be purchased from Field Marshall.

Parts List:

Side Rods (2x per kit) (pending): $30
Side Rod Points (2x kit) (pending): $38
Sight Rod w mount (in stock): $18
Sight Rod mount (in stock): $10
Rear sight (pending): $17
Cast Black Resin Pontoon (in stock): $6 each
Barrel Extension (in stock): $43
Trigger Guard (Resin - in stock): $15
COAX Reducers (2x per blaster): $3 each ($6) (In stock)
Rear black cap: $1 (Free with Kit)
Trigger Guard (Aluminum): $80 (by Request)

Standard Kit (Includes all parts above - one Pontoon included - accept the Trigger Guard, COAX reducers and Flash Hider): $152

Full Kit (Includes all the parts above - one Pontoon included - accept COAX reducers and Flash Hider): $167

Deluxe Kit (Includes all the parts above - one Pontoon included - accept Flash Hider): $173

What you will need to complete your blaster:
Tone arm rectangles (2x), Reade Model Kit rods (2x) and Flash Hider/Grill (1x)
These parts can be purchased from FieldMarshall via vmusicstore on ebay. See below for more information on additional parts.

Update (as of 9/10/21): The waiting list is closed. My goal is to finish off what is left of my parts, turning them into kits and retiring the runs.
All kits and parts have shipped. Thanks! ;)

Waiting list for kits:

1. JetSetWilly (Deluxe Kit) - Paid 8/23/Shipped 8/27
2. dse2187 (Deluxe Kit) - Paid 8/24/Shipped 8/28
3. JLinNY (Deluxe Kit) - Paid 8/27/Shipped 8/27
4. Gaffer (Standard Kit with aluminum trigger guard) - Paid 9/8/Shipped 9/10
5. CE (Deluxe Kit) - Paid/shipped
6. Rattlesnake toys (Deluxe Kit) - Paid 8/23/shipped 8/28
7. Spare (Deluxe Kit) - Paid/Shipped 9/17/21
8. Darthwilder (Aluminum trigger guard - real rugger, 2 side rods with points) - Paid 9/9/Shipped 9/10

Additional parts info:
Original Reade Model flash hiders, small "push rods" and machined Rectangular stylus parts for the side rods are available on ebay:

Replica Rugers (by KJWorks) like the one pictured below are also available on ebay from unlimitedwares, although listed as "KJW Airsoft MK1 Luger".

Barrel Extension Install:


Use a ruler to mark the brass rod a little over 2" from the end (about 2 1/16"). Use a hacksaw to cut off the 2".

Use a belt sander to round off the edges of the brass tube. A file and/or sandpaper can also be used. Test fit the barrel extension. Be sure to turn the part so that the notch is near the top of the barrel:
Once fitted in place, use a small tool to tighten the set screw near the bottom edge of the barrel extension.

My Blaster:
Right Side.JPG Left.JPG
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Waiting list updated.

I am currently working on a couple of projects with one pending, so it's still difficult to come up with a start date. This may be a summer project, but I should know more by the end of April.


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I'm getting my projects done early, so I'm moving the start date on this run to June 5th.

Once I close the list on that date, I won't be accepting any more orders.
One reason is because I will have to order more parts and materials.


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Some thing I didn't include with the original kits the first time around was the bolt cover, plastic cap and the small, set screws for the side rod installations and assemblies:


Because I need to pick these up for my own blaster at a local hardware store, it's fairly easy to get extras for the kits. This will add around $5 or less to the end price.

If anyone does NOT want these extra parts, just let me know. :)

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