Greeblie ID help please.


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This is now a double post, but I just realize the studio scale forum is probably a better place for this, as the kit bash talent tends to come here :)

If you recognize this piece, the one with the vents, please let me know.

Yeah what are the dims Matt? Looks like a latch plate or part of a razor or hair clippers. Hard to tell what you are looking for unless you know how big it is.
Yeah a rough idea on the subject matter may help Matt, its bevelled, like it fits into a kit hull, like a hatch as Simon stated. Those half round notches could be exhaust outlets?
Does look reversed though, just due to the ejection stubs in the plastic.

Hell, it could just be a back of a toaster at this point.....mmm toast :lol

It's a Varon-T disruptor variant (TNG era trek), which makes the part roughly an inch across.

Don't blame ya for wanting to replace it, that's a mess!

Unfortunately I don't have an ID.
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