Great idea! '66 Batman Cowl Shell done in Pepakura

Graphic Jordan

Sr Member
It would be super awesome if someone took the time to model out the shell that lines the Adam West '66 Batman cowl. It would be a super simple pep and build and could be an easy/cost efficient way for those wanting to build a budget '66 batman.

Here are a couple pictures showing what I mean...

More reference can be found on

Any takers?





Sr Member
With all due respect to pep, I wouldn't mind seeing someone do a "66 bat cowl in black and/or dark blue URETHANE RUBBER.......:love


Sr Member
Anyone ever make this pep file? We’re doing Batman 66 this year for Halloween potentially and I bought the fabric pattern from Etsy but gotta make a shell. I know this post is OLD… just thought I’d ask.

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