Gray Fullbuster frozen blades cosplay prop


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I got a prop commission to make Gray Fullbuster's frozen blades from the anime fairy tail. From what i can tell the ones the client wants only show up in one fight in the show and are not shown the best. Got enough scream grabs (show below) to puzzle it out but now the issue is how to make it. The user wants it to be semi-transparent like ice and if i can make it work glow with RGB LEDs so he can make them look blue or red. There are two blades one on the right arm starting at the elbow and going forward and one on the left stating at the elbow and going backward.

My first thought was a rotational resin casting so they are hollow but with something with so many points would that work? Could you even make a mold for something like that or would it never come out?

Does anyone have a good idea how i can make these?

shot_001.png shot_004.png shot_005.png