Gray Fox MGS1 Build

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Hello All. This is my first post, and first build. I am planning on building as close to a replica as I can of the Gecco Gray Fox figure. I've been lurking for a few years, looking at all the incredible works of art all of you create, and decided to try my hand at it, after watching a play through of Metal Gear Solid on YouTube. I came across Diegator's original thread and was blown away at what he created. I searched all over the net for Pepakura files for a MGS1 Gray Fox, only to come up empty handed. There are however, plenty of Play Arts style files. I just have an affinity to the original style. It reminds me of the good old days of playing MGS1 on the PS1. With that being said, I decided to try my hand at making my own Pep files. I watched a bunch of videos on using Blender for 3D modeling helmets, then found some awesome reference photos from an Amazon listing for the figure.

I then had a crash course in using Blender and came up with a render for the helmet.


I then exported to Pepakura Designer and unfolded. Ive never tried to unfold before, and it was definitely a challenge.

I had a few issues assembling the helmet. Even though I modeled the helmet using a mirror modifier, there were differences on each side in random places. For example, the rounded recessions for the "sensors" in the lower jaw and elsewhere, the right side of the back plate and few other areas weren't symmetrical. I had to correct it as I went along. I got the helmet glued up and did a test fit. There should be room on each side for servos.


I then finished the pep helmet out and moved on to resin and fiberglass.

In the next few days I intend on starting to Bondo the helmet. Its been a crazy amount of time and energy in the last two weeks and I can't wait to progress farther with it. I really hope to motorize the faceplates and forehead, but I'll need to research all of that when the time comes. Thanks for checking out my project!
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Hi Matt,

the start of your project looks promising ! I loved the first game and played it often.
Can't wait to see the rest of your progress building the suit (the rest of the files can be found here - courtesy of laellee ):
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Thank you George for all the kind words. I’ve never attempted a build like this and appreciate the feedback. I appreciate the links to the files, however, I plan on attempting this build from a completely different angle as far as the suit goes. I won’t disclose it at the moment as I’m not done researching if the method I want to use even works. I managed to spend the last two evenings cleaning up stray fibers with my Dremel and laying the first two layers of Bondo on the main shell portion of the helmet. I’m following a tutorial from the Boochieboy YouTube channel as far as bondo work goes. He recommended bondo-ing one section at a time, skipping the adjoining section and doing the one past it, and then filling the middle section in afterwards with a flat block to keep the planes level. Unfortunately I’m limited by the amount of daylight I have to work on the helmet during the week. I may try to build a downdraft sanding table so I can sand inside my storage shed and use my shop vac to collect bondo dust. Anyways, I’ll keep progressing the build as time permits. Thanks again for checking out my build!


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